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Last Update: 06 September 2015

     Registered Charity No.1080589

Headley Voluntary Care Group

What is so good about Headley ?  

Those of you who live in the village just love it to bits. Of course you do.

It has some very interesting characters living here, and as we said after the garden party, an episode of Midsomer Murders could be filmed in Headley with a full cast already in situ; I don’t mean the murderers, of course ! And what nicer place could there be in which to meet fellow villagers than the Headley Fine Foods emporium on the High Street, sandwiched between Tina the hairdresser, the paper shop and the Holly Bush pub; and across the road is the beautiful All Saints church, greatly admired by so many.

But those are the obvious points of interest. There is much more here in Headley as Jo Smith (John Owen Smith) will show to us as he is our speaker at the Autumn meeting. He will talk about the buildings, and who built them; the pathways and those who walk them, and its history and those who created our village.

Jo is an author, a playwright, a local historian, an actor, a wordsmith, the renowned biographer of Flora Thompson of Larkrise to Candleford fame, and is a leading light in Headley Theatre club. No-one is more qualified to talk on the subject of Headley and its environs. Here are some comments about his talks….what a superb evening, bringing history to life, one of the best speakers we have ever had, an amazing amount of research, enthusiastic and refreshing, a noteless, faultless talk.

Peter Marsh : HVC Publicity